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For immediate help with a customer service problem or a pending order, please email us at, or call us at 1-828-669-8031. If you need a price quote please email us at

Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality furniture at the best price. For most custom orders, please allow 10-12 weeks for shipment. This time frame is dictated by the manufacturers, not us!

Thank you for making Sobol House your source for discount furniture.

Shipping Information. *****Important Read Carefully****

*****In times of high gas prices some companies may adopt a "fuel surcharge"****

Your order has arrived !! and is in transit to the In Home Delivery Service. Please find a copy of your invoice enclosed. All store COD's and Freight Charges must be certified check or money order. (Personal checks or cash must be approved prior to delivery.) The driver will collect funds upon arrival and proceed to deliver the order.
Shipping Information: Customers are notified 2-5 days prior to delivery once a schedule has been created for their area. Shipping East of the Mississippi is usually within 3 weeks. Texas & Louisiana will be 4-5 weeks. Western US will be 4-8 weeks. Weather conditions at times will not permit travel, especially during winter months; higher elevations may have unavoidable delays & some areas may exceed the normal.
Redelivery Charge - If a customer okay's a delivery date and the order is then loaded on the truck and the order is later cancelled by the customer, there will be an additional charge of 50% of the freight charges.
Storage Charge - will occur when the customer places the order on hold. These charges will be billed to the customer monthly at a rate of $10 p/ 100 lbs with a minimum of $25 - $50 p/ month. Please contact the delivery service for details.
Customer's Responsibility:
* The Delivery Service will deliver the following items, but will not set them up: baby cribs, car & island beds, Ello mfg and other imported furniture, any items that attach to the wall, mirrors, bookcase wall units, etc.
* Third and fourth floor delivery without an elevator will be at an extra charge of $10 p/ 100 lbs. The Delivery Service does not deliver beyond fourth floor without an elevator.
* The Delivery Service is not responsible if furniture does not fit in the intended room, therefore, there will not be a discount on your freight bill as the charges are based on transportation, not set-up.
* The Delivery Men cannot dispose of any boxes and/or wrapping.
* The room must be cleaned out and ready for delivery.
* The Delivery Driver will need front door accessibility within 100' of truck. If a smaller truck is needed, it is the customer's responsibility for arrangements to be made prior to the delivery day.
* Large pieces requiring more than two drivers, or furniture over 300 lbs going upstairs is the customer's responsibility to have extra help.
* Special charges set by gated communities, ferry charges, etc. (not public toll roads & bridges) are payable to the driver at time of delivery in the form of cash - the driver may give you a receipt if needed.
* Bed slats, headboard bolts, mirror supports, etc. when not furnished by the manufacturer or dealer.

Since it is the choice of the Delivery Service & Sobol House to transport furniture that has been factory cartoned, we will take full responsibility for transporting any furniture being returned due to factory or freight damage and return it to the customer at no additional charge, IF THE PROBLEM WAS NOTED AT THE TIME OF DELIVERY. However, once the driver has left and the customer calls with a factory or freight related problem and we must return, there will be a charge. The delivery service will assume full responsibility for any freight damages noted at the time of delivery only. Please keep in mind, your furniture is straight from the factory and has not been deluxed and touched up like you have seen in a showroom. Most all furniture needs some cosmetic touch up - the drivers can & will help you inspect it. Also please keep in mind you have purchased wood, not plastic, therefore please expect flaws such as knots, distressing, pits, and color variations - this is the beauty of wood furniture. After the truck leaves the delivery service will not take responsibility for freight damage, wall damage, floor damage, carpet damage, yard damage, etc. - it must be noted at the time of delivery for responsibility to be taken.


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Mail: Worth Trans. Systems,LLC. 3301 Cotton Grove Rd. Lexington, NC 27292
Phone: (336) 357-3366
Fax: (336) 357-3551

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