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What Else Can Your Stand Mixer Do? Multi-Tasking Secrets Revealed

What Else Can Your Stand Mixer Do? Multi-Tasking Secrets Revealed

If you have a stand mixer in your kitchen, you probably use it for all sorts of things: mixing up cake batter, kneading bread dough, whipping cream, and more. But did you know that this handy appliance can do much more than that? In this article, we’ll reveal some of the multi-tasking secrets of the stand mixer, so that you can make the most of this versatile kitchen tool.

1. Grind Meat

Have you ever thought about grinding your own meat? It’s a great way to make sure that your burgers, meatballs, and sausages are made from high-quality ingredients. And with your stand mixer, it’s incredibly easy. All you need is a meat grinder attachment, which you can find at most kitchen stores. Simply attach the grinder to your stand mixer, feed in your meat, and let the mixer do the rest.

2. Slice and Shred Vegetables

Chopping veggies by hand can be tedious and time-consuming. But with the right attachment for your stand mixer, you can slice and shred vegetables with ease. Whether you’re making coleslaw, potato gratin, or vegetable lasagna, your stand mixer can help you get the job done quickly and efficiently.

3. Make Pasta

If you love fresh pasta, but don’t have the time (or the arm strength) to make it by hand, your stand mixer can come to the rescue. With a pasta roller and cutter attachment, you can create perfect fettuccine, spaghetti, or lasagna sheets in no time. And the best part? Homemade pasta tastes infinitely better than the store-bought stuff.

4. Mix Drinks

Who says your stand mixer is just for baking? With the right attachment, you can use it to mix up all sorts of delicious drinks. Attach the cocktail shaker attachment, add your favorite ingredients, and let the mixer do the shaking for you. You’ll have perfectly mixed margaritas, daiquiris, or martinis in no time.

5. Make Ice Cream

Ice cream is one of those things that tastes infinitely better when it’s homemade. And with your stand mixer, making homemade ice cream is easier than you might think. Simply attach the ice cream maker attachment, add your ingredients, and let the mixer do the churning for you. In no time, you’ll have creamy, delicious ice cream that’s perfect for any occasion.


As you can see, your stand mixer is much more than just a baking tool. With the right attachments, it can help you grind meat, slice and shred vegetables, make pasta, mix drinks, and even churn ice cream. So next time you’re in the kitchen, think outside the box and see what else your trusty stand mixer can do. You might be surprised at all the other tasks it can handle with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Stand Mixer Multi-Tasking Secrets

What is a stand mixer?

A stand mixer is a kitchen appliance that is designed to mix, knead, and whip ingredients for baking and cooking. It features a stationary mixing bowl and a motorized mixing head that can be lowered into the bowl. Stand mixers can be used for a variety of tasks, from making bread dough to whipping cream.

What are some multi-tasking secrets for using a stand mixer?

1. Use the paddle attachment for creaming butter and sugar. This attachment is designed to blend butter and sugar until light and fluffy, which is essential for baking many types of cakes and cookies.

2. Use the dough hook attachment for kneading bread dough. This attachment can handle heavy bread dough better than the paddle attachment, which is better suited for lighter cake batters.

3. Use the whisk attachment for whipping cream. The whisk attachment is designed to quickly whip cream and egg whites into stiff peaks, which is essential for making meringues, mousses, and other desserts.

4. Use your stand mixer to shred meat. Attach the paddle attachment and use a low speed to shred cooked meat quickly and evenly. This is a great time-saving trick for making pulled pork or shredded chicken recipes.

What are some safety tips for using a stand mixer?

1. Always unplug the mixer before attaching or removing attachments.

2. Keep long hair, loose clothing, and jewelry away from the moving parts of the mixer.

3. Always use the proper attachment for the task at hand and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use.

4. Gradually increase the speed of the mixer to avoid splatters and spills. Start at the lowest speed and work your way up as needed.

How do I clean my stand mixer?

1. Unplug the mixer before cleaning it.

2. Remove attachments and wash them in warm, soapy water. Rinse thoroughly and dry them completely before storing them.

3. Wipe down the mixer with a damp cloth or sponge, being careful not to get water in the motorized parts of the mixer.

4. For tough stains or build-up, use a mixture of baking soda and water to make a paste. Apply the paste to the affected area and let it sit for a few minutes before wiping it away with a damp cloth or sponge.

Can I use my stand mixer to make pasta?

Yes, you can use your stand mixer to make homemade pasta dough. Simply attach the dough hook and mix the flour, eggs, and water together until a ball of dough forms. Then, switch to the pasta roller attachment to roll out and cut the dough into your desired pasta shape.

Can I use my stand mixer to make ice cream?

Yes, you can use your stand mixer to make ice cream. Simply attach the ice cream maker attachment and mix your ice cream base in the bowl. The attachment will churn the ice cream as it freezes to create the perfect texture. Be sure to chill the bowl thoroughly before using it for best results.

Stand Mixer Multi-Tasking Secrets: Recommended Products and Resources

Stand mixers are incredible kitchen tools that can help you prepare a wide variety of ingredients. They can do much more than just mix dough, and you can use them to achieve an array of kitchen tasks. Here are some products and resources you can explore to unlock more of your stand mixer’s potential.

1. KitchenAid KSM150PSER Artisan Stand Mixer

This iconic stand mixer from KitchenAid is one of the most popular on the market. It comes with a powerful motor, a 5-quart mixing bowl, and a range of attachments that can take on tasks such as shredding cheese, grinding meat, making pasta, and whipping cream. It is available in 20 different colors to match your kitchen décor.

2. Spiralizer Attachment

The spiralizer attachment is an excellent addition to your stand mixer, allowing you to turn zucchini, sweet potatoes, and other vegetables into curly strands in no time. It opens up a whole new world of recipes, including zucchini noodles, curly fries, and vegetable garnishes. The KitchenAid KSM1APC Spiralizer Attachment is designed to fit all KitchenAid stand mixers.

3. Flex Edge Beater Attachment

The Flex Edge Beater Attachment scrapes the sides of your mixing bowl, ensuring that all the ingredients are thoroughly mixed and preventing any unmixed pockets from developing. It is ideal for making cake mixes, cookie dough, frosting, and other light batters that require thorough mixing. The KitchenAid KFE5T Flex Edge Beater Attachment is compatible with all KitchenAid 4.5 and 5-quart stand mixers.

4. Meat Grinder Attachment

The Meat Grinder Attachment is another must-have accessory to consider for your stand mixer. It can grind meat for burgers, sausages, and meatloaf in minutes, saving you time and effort. It is also perfect for making fresh bread crumbs, grinding nuts, and shredding cheese. The KitchenAid KSMMGA Metal Food Grinder Attachment is made to fit all KitchenAid stand mixers.

5. Ice Cream Maker Attachment

The Ice Cream Maker Attachment is a fun addition to your mixer that lets you make your own ice cream, sorbet or frozen yogurt. It allows you to prepare your custom flavors and ingredients while having fun. The KitchenAid KICA0WH Ice Cream Maker Attachment is designed to work with all KitchenAid stand mixers and can produce up to 2 quarts of ice cream in as little as 20 minutes.

6. Pasta Roller and Cutter Attachment

The Pasta Roller and Cutter Attachment is ideal for making fresh pasta from scratch. It is compatible with all KitchenAid stand mixers and features a roller that can create up to six different pasta shapes, including spaghetti, fettuccine, and lasagna noodles. It makes it easy to enjoy healthy, homemade pasta dishes with your family and friends. The KitchenAid KSMPRA Pasta Roller & Cutter Attachment Set is perfect for all pasta lovers.

7. Cookbooks

It is always a good idea to have a cookbook with stand mixer recipes at hand. It can help you make the most of your mixer’s capabilities and inspire you to try new dishes. Whether you want to bake bread, cakes, or whip up homemade mayo, there’s a cookbook that can guide you. Some great options include KitchenAid Stand Mixer Cookbook by Publications International LTD, The Mixer Bible by Meredith Deeds and Carla Snyder, and The Complete Stand Mixer Cookbook by Rosemary Moon.

8. YouTube Tutorials

If you prefer watching videos to reading, YouTube can provide endless inspiration for stand mixer usage. From how to make pizza dough to how to decorate a cake, there are different channels offering tutorials, tips, and hacks. Some great channels to consider include KitchenAid, Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio, and The Flavor Bender.

9. Ingredient Scale

Using an ingredient scale is another way of maximizing your mixer’s efficiency, it makes it easier to measure ingredients accurately, especially if the recipe requires grams instead of cups. A great option is the OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Food Scale, which can weigh up to 11 lb of ingredients accurately.

10. Stand Mixer Dust Cover

A dust cover helps protect your mixer from dust and scratches while keeping it clean and ready for the next use. The HOMEST Stand Mixer Dust Cover gets the job done while adding an elegant and custom-made look to your kitchen with its multiple colors and features.

With these products and resources, you can start exploring the endless possibilities of mixing and cooking with your stand mixer. They can help you save time, effort, and money by avoiding the need to purchase additional kitchen appliances.

Pros & Cons: Stand Mixer Multi-tasking Secrets


  • Versatile Tool – A stand mixer is a versatile kitchen tool that can do more than just mix dough and batter. With the right attachments, it can also be used to make pasta, grind meat, whip cream and shred cheese, among other things.
  • Saves Time and Effort – Using a stand mixer can save a lot of time and effort compared to mixing by hand or using a hand mixer. It frees up your hands, so you can work on other tasks while the mixer is working.
  • Consistent Results – Stand mixers can produce more consistent results than hand mixing, especially when it comes to mixing dough and batter. This is particularly important for baking, where consistency is key to achieving the desired texture and rise.
  • Easy to Use – Stand mixers are generally easy to use, even for novice cooks. They come with straightforward and intuitive controls that are easy to navigate.
  • Large Capacity – Stand mixers have a large capacity, which is ideal for making large batches of dough or batter. This is particularly useful when you’re baking for a party or event.
  • Cons:

  • Expensive – Stand mixers are typically more expensive than hand mixers, which can be a deterrent for some people. However, they are usually more durable and long-lasting, so they may be worth the investment in the long run.
  • Heavy and Bulky – Stand mixers are heavy and bulky, which can make them difficult to move around and store. They take up a lot of counter space and can be quite cumbersome to handle.
  • Cleaning Can Be Difficult – Cleaning a stand mixer can be a bit of a chore, especially if you’re making a mess with flour or other ingredients. It can be tricky to disassemble and clean all the nooks and crannies of the machine.
  • Attachments Can Be Pricey – While stand mixer attachments can be incredibly useful, they can also be quite expensive. This can be a drawback for people on a budget who may not be able to afford additional attachments on top of the initial mixer purchase.
  • Noisy – Stand mixers can be quite noisy, which can be a nuisance if you’re trying to have a conversation or listen to music while you’re cooking. However, this is generally not a dealbreaker for most people.

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